Learning & Instruction

We educate and train sports enthusiastic Rowing Beginners in the art of rowing. These are experienced coaches and trainers at your disposal. Whether you only occasionally want to play sports or have the ambition and the joy of competition and common training - it is (almost) always something suitable here.

"Rowing license " and Rowing Order

As part of the training you will receive the rowing license.rowing license. This is mandatory if you want to row alone or as umpire. Boating licenses are also accepted. Even the COUNTRY ROWING ASSOCIATION BREMEN offers a Boating training. This course also leads to the "Rowing license ". Without proof or relevant experience no rowers of BSC may solely row on the Weser. There is more information here.

Of course the knowledge of our Rowing Order is part of a successfull education. As part of the rowing training the club continues to offer a rowing brochure, containing the information about the rowing, including boating regulations and attitudes on the water. It is expected that the responsible rower becomes familiar with their content.

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Aktuell wird diese Seite grundlegend Überarbeitet. In kürze wird hier alles Neu und aktuell sein. Die wichtigsten Rubriken bleiben es bis dahin natürlich auch auf dieser Seite.
Livestream der 110. Großen Bremer Ruderregatta
Es gibt in diesem Jahr erstmals auf der Bremer Ruderregatta einen Livestream. Dafür werden wir im Bereich der ersten 500 m mit einer Videodrohne fliegen.