Masters are active ladies and gentlemen, who can not be without rowing in races. Most have started as a teenager with the competitive sports. Fortunately, we also have members who come as adults and rowing starters to us and now also participate in races.

Whereby the most beautiful is the common rowing - regattas themselves are actually just "the icing on the cake".

Meanwhile, we are enough master to occupy more than one eigth. Of course we are able to row not always with the same team due to the uncertainties of today's working life. This is on the other side also a greater variety and fun for more rowers. In addition, we have numerous contacts with other rowing clubs, so that racing communities represent an interesting alternation.

So if you have fun with rowing and life in the metropolitan area of Bremen, with us you are always welcome.

Competitive rowing Master (m)
WHEN: By appointment
WHO: Detlef Frobese, phone 0171-415 83 67

Competitive rowing Master (f)
WHEN Tuesday 18:30, Saturday 09:30 Uhr and by appointment.
WHO: Andreas Erdmann, phone 0151-464 23309

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Aktuelle Vereinsnews
Livestream der 110. Großen Bremer Ruderregatta
Es gibt in diesem Jahr erstmals auf der Bremer Ruderregatta einen Livestream. Dafür werden wir im Bereich der ersten 500 m mit einer Videodrohne fliegen.
Amsterdam 2017
Amsterdam war wieder eine tolle Regatta für die Bremer Ruderer. Unser Club stellte Mannschaften und Ruderer für 4! Achter. Ein Frauenteam, eine Renngemeinschaft mit 82, und zwei weitere Männer Master Achter. Darunter auch der Q8. Hier nun eine kleiner Filmausschnitt aus dem Rennen des schnellsten Bremer Achters.