You may already have seen us on the Weser or the Werdersee and wondered if being on the water would not be for you. Our answer: A resounding YES - however, you should be able to swim. It is and remains a water sport. In special courses we teach rowing. Even after such a wonderful learning expierence you are not left alone. Our trial course for the curious comprises 8 workouts. The course normally takes place in groups of at least 4 trainees (for details Trial Courses). Individual Dates and individual lessons are possible. The fee for 5 private training is 100 Euro.

We have several adults without prior rowing experience, who found so much fun in this sport that they now participate in the Master Section in regattas and even with great success. Experienced rowers take new mates with them on board. There are always enough oarsmen / rowers to occupy some boats and eager beginners are always welcome.

Rowing training for adult beginners:
Beginner courses give new rowers the opportunity to learn rowing, without obligation to become a club member as a first step. There are 8 units each, the movements are practiced mostly in 1-2 units in the "dry" and then 6-7 units "on the water". Details see Trial Courses

Application and questions concerning trial courses:

Wolfgang Sauer: edelwolf[at] or 0421 - 42 91 67

or for English Speakers: Duncan Bourne: duncanbourne800[at]

Rowing after trial course
WHEN: Thursday 18:00 and Sunday 10:00
WHO: Barbara Lid, pone: 0179-142 6588

Rowing for advanced adults
WHEN: Monday 18:00 , Tuesday 18:30, Wednesday 17:30, Sunday 10:00
WHO: Jörg Böttger, phone 0171-80 61 000 or

Rowing with the Wednesday group;
WHEN: each Wednesday 18:30
WHO: Dr. Ulrich Peiffer, phone 0421-703 706

Common Rowing
WHEN: Monday 18:00, Wednesday 17:30, Sunday 10:00

Performance rowing for youth and seniors (= young adults)
WHEN: By appointment
WHO: Andreas Erdmann, phone: 0151-464 23309

There is all the information at a glance.

Aktuelle Vereinsnews
Livestream der 110. Großen Bremer Ruderregatta
Es gibt in diesem Jahr erstmals auf der Bremer Ruderregatta einen Livestream. Dafür werden wir im Bereich der ersten 500 m mit einer Videodrohne fliegen.
Amsterdam 2017
Amsterdam war wieder eine tolle Regatta für die Bremer Ruderer. Unser Club stellte Mannschaften und Ruderer für 4! Achter. Ein Frauenteam, eine Renngemeinschaft mit 82, und zwei weitere Männer Master Achter. Darunter auch der Q8. Hier nun eine kleiner Filmausschnitt aus dem Rennen des schnellsten Bremer Achters.