The Great Bremer Rowing Regatta

The Bremen Sports Club invites for the 109th Great Bremer Rowing Regatta at the Werdersee on May 07 and 08, 2016!


View over a small part of the regatta onto the lake

News from the Regatta

Announcement of the 109th Great Bremer Rowing Regatta
Follow-up 108th Great Bremer Rowing Regatta
On May 9 and 10, 2015 the regatta took place again. At the Bremer rowing regatta, one of the biggest regatta events of the year, both young and old were able to compete again at the 1500 m and 1000 m distance.
The regatta once again attracted over 5000 active rowers. In addition, more other guests had arrived in the company of the rowers. Many Bremer also found their way to the Werdersee at this weekend and enjoyed the many exciting races and the regatta atmosphere.

The rowers were sent by their clubs from all over Germany to Bremen, to measure their rowing abilities here. But also clubs from neighbouring countries partook at the regatta.
Final results of the 108. Great Bremer Rowing Regatta

The 109th Great Bremer Rowing Regatta is presented by:

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